Business man pointing to transparent board with text: Psychology

Psychology literally means Soul knowledge. (Psyche). Modern definitions of Psychology call it the science of behaviour, mind, brain and emotions. Psychological clinicians help treat psychological problems. If you’d like some help with psychological distress you can just refer yourself directly, or if you get a referral from a GP you may be able to receive Medicare rebates for 10 sessions a year of “Focussed Psychological Strategies”.

  The Medical Benefits Scheme defines Focussed Psychological Strategies as:

   1. Psycho-education (including motivational interviewing)


   2. Cognitive-behavioural therapy including:
      – Behavioural interventions
      – Behaviour modification
      – Exposure techniques
      – Activity scheduling
      – Cognitive interventions
      – Cognitive therapy


    3. Relaxation strategies
      – Progressive muscle relaxation
      – Controlled breathing


    4. Skills training
      – Problem solving skills and training
      – Anger management
      – Social skills training
      – Communication training
      – Stress management
      – Parent management training


    5. Interpersonal therapy (especially for depression)


    6. Narrative therapy (for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people).