Positive Psychology

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Psychology is not just about psychopathology or mental illness. It can be about getting the most out of life and optimising enjoyment and well-being.


Counselling and Psychotherapy can be great for the ‘worried well’ or those seeking to enhance their already happy lives as well as those suffering with mental health issues or mental illness.


Life Coaching and Positive Psychology have a lot in common.


As well as counselling and psychotherapy, Goodluck Consultancies offers Coaching and Mentoring to assist people to optimise their performance, at work, in relationships and other life goals and activities.

Coaching can be

  • face-to-face,
  • by telephone,
  • online by email,
  • text,
  • audio and/or video linkup.


Life is what happen to you while you are busy making other plans – John Lennon (‘As you cross the street, take my hand. Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans. Beautiful… boy’). Nevertheless, make plans, but don’t be so busy that you miss the life that is happening every moment while you are making plans. Be present.


“A business that fails to plan is a business that plans to fail” – true or false?


Perhaps a more realistic statement is that if we fail to plan then we could be setting ourselves up for failure, whether that is a business or a life we are talking about.


A good plan can go along way towards bringing about success. which raises the questions, “what is a plan?”, “what makes it good?”, “what is success?”, “how will you know when you have attained success?”


1. What is a Plan


A plan is a predetermined set of guidelines and instructions for taking actions towards the realisation of some overarching Goal or set of outcomes.

Plans guide choices and decisions and they also map out the direction one needs to take to reach the predefined destination.

There are Master Plans that are akin to Visions and Missions (More about these later.)

There are Strategic Plans that give broad details of attaining Visions and Missions.

There are Action Plans that show us the way to execute our strategic plans, Visions, and Missions.


2. What makes a Plan Good?


Any plan worth it’s salt must be based on overarching goals and values and be broken down into smaller goals and steps.

The overarching Goal and subordinate goals and plans need to be “SMART” in order to work.


What do we mean by SMART?

Specific – Be exact about what you want to achieve.
Measurable – What can be measured to indicate it has been achieved?
Adds value – Is it important to you and your goals?
Realistic – Can it be done?
Time frame – How long are you going to allow for it to be done?


A good plan consists of many SMART goals to bring about the overarching SMART Goals of our Mission and Vision which express and guide our underlying values, aims and purposes.