Gregory Goodluck

Gregory Goodluck

Gregory Goodluck is a highly qualified counsellor who is insightful, caring and skilful. Born into a counselling family and with over 20 years qualified professional counselling experience, Gregory is a fully registered Psychologist and qualified Social Worker with a broad range of successful strategies for a wide range of mental health, psychological and psycho-social problems.

Gregory has dual qualifications in Psychology and Social Work and solid experience working in Mental Health Services and a range of government, non-government and corporate settings. Gregory is a full member of both the Australian Psychological Society (APS), the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) and also of the Australian Association of Psychologists (AAP). Gregory can provide treatment for a broad range of issues to a wide range of people including children, adults, singles, couples and families.

Gregory applies holistic understandings of the human condition to sensitively and compassionately understand people’s lives. He offers big-picture views of a bio-psycho-social-cultural-spiritual perspective to understand and help navigate personal life journeys and relationships. Gregory does this by honouring the biological, psychological, social, cultural and spiritual facets of people’s lived experiences to activate people’s potentials for greater mental and emotional health and wellbeing.

Gregory applies Cognitive, Behavioural, Narrative and Mindfulness based approaches including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to strengths based and empowering problem solving. He uses Relaxation, Stress Reduction, Mediation and problem solving approaches to bring out the best in people.

A registered Psychologist and Social Worker Gregory is an experienced Psychotherapist, Group Worker, and Clinical Case Manager, with broad experience assisting a wide variety of individuals, families, groups and organisations.

Gregory Completed Honours in Psychology and a Bachelor of Social Work at Flinders University. After working as a Clinical Case Manager within Mental Health Services in South Australia for several years, in Community work and in Court Diversion, Gregory has been in private practice since 2000, and working part-time in Trauma, Relationship and Employee Assistance roles.