Beata Goodluck

Beata Goodluck

Beata holds a Bachelor of Psychology degree, a double Science degree in Chemistry and Molecular Biology, an Associate Diploma of Analytical Chemistry and a Graduate Diploma of Education. Beata has also studied Yoga and Massage.

Beata has taught Science and Mathematics in High School and Middle School as well as private tutoring.

Beata is a long term meditator and Yogin and a trainee Iyengar Yoga teacher with a strong interest in Ayurvedic Medicine. Beata is an avid reader of anatomy and bodywork texts.

Beata is a keen student of Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda. Beata has completed Level 1 training in Body Transformation at the Centre for Human Transformation in Victoria.

Beata is an intuitive and compassionate body worker who can firmly shift painful conditions and restore a sense of ease and comfort to tense, tired and traumatised bodies.